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Keon Augustin / 2017-06-02 10:55:03

The most amazing experience ever! The only option for your Bali trip is bebalinese. Wayan is super professional and well oriented of balis' history and culture... I have travelled the world but thanks to bebalinese this was our best trip ever.. See you soon August 2017

Laurence M. / 2017-08-09 22:10:54

We were really blessed to have Wayan as our guide during our stay in Bali. In addition to be a safe driver, always on time and very flexible in terms of planning, Wayan is an excellent and reliable guide. He shared with us his knowledge about the Balinese culture and traditions in such an admirable way that he managed to interest our teenagers who are usually not keen on visiting. But Wayan is more than an amazing guide. He is someone who listens to others and does his best to meet his customers’ expectations. Thanks to him, we have lived unforgettable moments with locals; attending cooking, dance & music classes or simply spending some time with children getting out of school. We will never forget these fabulous Balinese experiences and this is the reason why we definitely recommend Wayan to any person wanting to discover Bali. Thanks again for all these magic moments !